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navis press logoNavis Press is committed to educating entrepreneurs and early-stage investors on deals that help build stronger companies and stronger communities. Navis recently released Get In. Get Out. 100 Rules for Successful Start-up Deals by Troy Knauss and Michael Cain. Whether you are an entrepreneur with years of experience or an investor with only one or two deals to your credit, this book can provide you with some useful insight. While some guidelines may not apply to every company, most rules will give you a baseline for getting your deal right. Make sure to review 100rules.com and take advantage of the tools and documents that our authors have made available for you including a due diligence checklist generator, a term sheet generator, and other documents on best practices.

All of our authors are available for speaking engagements to promote their books or to provide keynote speeches at entrepreneurial or investor conferences. To request a speaker for your next event, please complete the Request Speaker form. For those interested, feel free to visit the Angel Resource Institute ("ARI"), a spinout of the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, for a complete list of educational workshops targeting entrepreneurs, angel investors, and economic development officials in the United States and around the world. ARI conducts more than 50 workshops around the country every year.

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